Thursday, August 31, 2006


The closer Sunday gets the more excited I am getting. Plans are being are being is being learned??? Well kind of. I am really going to hang out with a friend I have never met. I have spoken on the phone, emailed back and forth etc with her BUT because she lives a state or so away we have never met. I am looking forward to this.

I mentioned it at work and one of the parents told me that her son is a huge fan of Kenny.

He's two.

But knows more songs than I do at this point. We joked about me wearing a backpack and sneaking him into the concert but decided he might get hungry or thirsty at some point. Anyway I'm not willing to spend that much money for a child's ticket. Maybe if she fronts me the cash I look into a souvenir for the little chap.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What is safe now?

So it arrived. My passport came in the mail and a bit of reality set in upon my mind. I am really going to Jamaica! On a plane. With a several complete strangers, two acquaintances and one good friend. I haven't flown since Aug of 1999. Things have changed a bit as I understand it.

No liquids....No nail clippers and oh my goodness never a nail file...What about a pen? Have they seen the airplane movie with THAT scene? What about cell phones? Oh who knows how much things may change before November? I mean do we even know if a tampon is a dangerous weapon at this point?

Any other new regulations I need to know about????

Monday, August 28, 2006


So I did some fine tuning on the links...deleted a few...added a few. Check them out when you have time.

There is one I didn't add because sometimes it isn't appropriate for everyone to view. Uh oh I feel a disclaimer coming............

***The following link may or may not be suitable for all viewers. Please view at your own risk and return your tray to the upright position before landing...Whoops got ahead of myself thinking about the Jamaica trip! ***

So I have stumbled upon this site called PostSecret. For those of you not familiar with it ... Anyone can make and mail in a postcard completely anonymously with a secret written on it. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes heart wrenching and sometimes just weird. If I had the skills to offer counseling to some of these people I bet I could be wealthy in.....oh well nevermind that.

Here is one example that I will publish with the link...

It is only updated once a week on Sunday and there are no archives that I have found... Like I said enter at your own risk but wow...what a stark look at humanity and all it's depravity.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Held again

After listening to Natalie Grant pour out her heart at the recent Women of Faith event I gained a new respect for her. I didn't know much about her life except what I "thought" I knew from interviews etc. After discussing her life story or testimony if you will...she sang the song Held. There was not a dry eye in the entire crowd of 15,000 people.

She talked about her struggles with an eating disorder, dating and life as a Christian. The song Held is actually written based on a couple that struggled with infertility. They finally conceived and gave birth only to have their child taken by SIDS.

She then sang an a cappella version of It is Well With my Soul that left everyone in awe of God and in wonder at what He can do.

I was talking with a friend today and it was noted that I am a completely different person than I was one year ago. No the divorce isn't final. Nothing has really changed that much except my perspective of things.

I still have moments when I burst into tears at certain phrases. Someone looked at me last week and jokingly said, "You'd make a lousy housewife." I burst into tears because Big Red had told me one of the reasons he had the affair was because I didn't keep the house clean enough. Now I know rationally that it a crock (at least make your excuses somewhat believable) but that is one of the recordings in my head that I fight with daily.

I think I will always have my moments to a certain degree but they are fewer and farther between now. I have discovered how strong I am again. I am getting my self confidence back after being put down for so many years. After being told you are not good enough, not doing it right or being called lazy and all those other names...after a while you start to believe it.

The only reason I have made it through this last year and a half is because of God, family and friends. Take away any of these three and it all would have come crashing down.

I am not as needy as I was last year becuase I get my strength from God not from counselors, friends or anything else.

I am where I am today because I have been Held by God. Isaiah 41:10 is the verse I have leaned on.

10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Amen...Amen...Amen is all I can say to that.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Girly stuff

I went shopping today.

I don't like shopping.

I have dropped another size in pants.

My jeans came from the women's department.

Not man jeans.

I had to buy new underwear too because the other was also getting too big for me.

I am happy to be losing weight.

I wish I could level off and stay at a stable weight.

I can't afford to continue to buy new clothes just because I am shrinking.

Some of my family and friends will not believe that the clothes were purchased in the girl side of the store until they see me in them.

Then some might pass out.

Others will hug me.

All this over clothes....I don't get it.

I don't like the style of most of the clothes in my new size.

Some body parts aren't meant to be seen.

Maybe the underwear was too much information for some of you.

Maybe no one really cares about the clothes I got.

I did manage to get everything on sale.

That makes me very happy.

So happy I almost danced in the store.

But I didn't.

Off to bed new PJ's....but still time for bed.

Superhero Bar and Grille

I remember seeing a cartoon once about the Superhero Bar and Grille. I don't remember it exactly but here is my effort at recall and other things you might hear at the Superhero Bar and Grille:

* Hey Spiderman! Quit eating out of the Bug Zapper!

* Everyone suck in your stomachs here comes Wonder Woman.

* Superman how about using your heat vision to warm up my sandwich.

* Oh Crap... Speed Racer just backed into Wonder Woman's invisible jet again.

* Hey the Joker is hogging open mic night again!

* Uh oh..the Hulk's credit card just got denied...

* Are the Power Rangers old enough to be in here?

* Is that a joke? Who gave Hong Kong Phooey the job as bouncer?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just a thought

My thoughts today include the message I would love to send to the clothes designers of tomorrow...

Some clothes should not be made in certain sizes.

Spandex should never come in anything above a large.

Low rider jeans should only be worn if you can keep them where they belong. I don't need/want to see the color of your underwear as you walk through a store. I understand moving around and the occasional slippage but let's be honest with ourselves before we leave the house.

I wonder at times if some people even look in the mirror before they leave the house...

Just my thoughts...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The cell phone and the Bible


I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phones?
What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?
What if we flipped through it several times a day?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
What if we used it as we traveled?
What if we used it in case of an emergency?
What if we upgraded it to get the latest version?

This is something to make you go...hmmm...where is my Bible?

Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't ever have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill!

Monday, August 21, 2006

The lizard

I am in a better mood...I put just over 40 miles on the scooter yesterday trying to refocus myself and blow off a little steam.

So here is a little funny story I came I am a pet lover I have to post this but it isn't for the weak of


If you have raised kids (or been one), and gone through the pet syndrome including toilet flush burials for dead goldfish, the story below will have you laughing out LOUD!

Overview: I had to take my son's lizard to the vet.

Here's what happened:

Just after dinner one night, my son came up to tell me there was "something wrong" with one of the two lizards he holds prisoner in his room.

"He's just lying there looking sick," he told me. "I'm serious dad, can you help?"

I put my best lizard-healer expression on my face and followed him into his bedroom.

One of the little lizards was indeed lying on his back, looking stressed.

I immediately knew what to do.

"Honey," I called, "come look at the lizard!"

"Oh my gosh," my wife diagnosed after a minute. "She's having babies."

"What?" my son demanded.

"But their names are Bert and Ernie, Mom!"

I was equally outraged.

"Hey, how can that be? I thought we said we didn't want them to reproduce," I accused my wife.

"Well, what do you want me to do, post a sign in their cage?" she inquired. (I actually think she said this sarcastically!)

"No, but you were supposed to get two boys!" I reminded her, (in my most loving, calm, sweet voice, while gritting my teeth together).

"Yeah, Bert and Ernie!" my son agreed.

"Well, it's just a little hard to tell on some guys, you know," she informed me. (again with the sarcasm, you think?)

By now the rest of the family had gathered to see what was going on. I shrugged, deciding to make the best of it.

"Kids, this is going to be a wondrous experience," I announced.

"We're about to witness the miracle of birth."

"Oh, gross!" they shrieked.

"Well, isn't THAT just great!

What are we going to do with a litter of tiny little lizard babies?" my wife wanted to know. (I really do think she was being snotty here, too. Don't you?)

We peered at the patient. After much struggling, what looked like a tiny foot would appear briefly, vanishing a scant second later.

"We don't appear to be making much progress," I noted.

"It's breech," my wife whispered, horrified.

"Do something, Dad!" my son urged.

"Okay, okay." Squeamishly , I reached in and grabbed the foot when it next appeared, giving it a gentle tug. It disappeared. I tried several more times with the same results.

"Should I call 911," my eldest daughter wanted to know. "Maybe they could talk us through the trauma." (You see a pattern here with the females in my house?)

"Let's get Ernie to the vet," I said grimly. We drove to the vet with my son holding the cage in his lap.

"Breathe, Ernie, breathe," he urged.

"I don't think lizards do Lamaze," his mother noted to him. (Women can be so cruel to their own young. I mean what she does to me is one thing, but this boy is of her womb, for Pete's sake.)

The Vet took Ernie back to the examining room and peered at the little animal through a magnifying glass.

"What do you think, Doc, a C-section?" I suggested scientifically.

"Oh, very interesting," he murmured.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cameron, may I speak to you privately for a moment?"

I gulped, nodding for my son to step outside.

"Is Ernie going to be okay?" my wife asked.

"Oh, perfectly," the Vet assured us.

"This lizard is not in labour. In fact, that isn't EVER going to happen... Ernie is a boy.

You see, Ernie is a young male. And occasionally, as they come into maturity, like most male species,they Just the way he did, lying on his back." He blushed, glancing at my wife.

"Well, you know what I'm saying, Mr. Cameron."

We were silent, absorbing this.

"So Ernie's just...just... excited," my wife offered.

"Exactly," the vet replied, relieved that we understood. More silence.

Then my viscous, cruel wife started to giggle. And giggle. And then even laugh loudly.

"What's so funny?" I demanded, knowing, but not believing that the woman I married would commit the upcoming affront to my flawless manliness. Tears were now running down her face.

Laughing "It's just...that...I'm picturing you pulling on its... its...teeny little..." she gasped for more air to bellow in laughter once more.

"That's enough," I warned.

We thanked the Vet and hurriedly bundled the lizards and our son back into the car. He was glad everything was going to be okay.

"I know Ernie's really thankful for what you've done, Dad," he told me.

"Oh, you have NO idea,"

Closed mouth, my wife agreed, collapsing with laughter.

2 - Lizards - $140...

1 - Cage - $50...

Trip to the Vet - $30...

Memory of your husband pulling on a lizard's winkie.....Priceless

Moral of the story: Finish biology class - lizards lay eggs!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I just don't know....

Today is one of those days when I feel confused. Big Red is in Las Vegas with his "friend" this weekend...I don't want him but I am not sure I want anyone else to have him either. After speaking to "divorce person" at church I did find out that this is a stage I will go through. I guess I want him to still at least pretend he is married until the divorce is final.

I worry about his relationship with God. I worry about getting my name off the mortgage and house deed. I worry too much....

I wonder why he keeps picking "chubby" girls to be with...they have all out weighed me by a good 100 lbs so far. I wonder if he ever really had a sense of what love is...and whether he loved me ever.

I wonder why I still care....

We spent years trying to learn how to love each other how God intended for us to, how to lean on each other when things got I have to figure out how to fall out of love.

The only way I can describe it is a stinging feeling....I don't want him but it still stings to see him with someone else.

And I don't want to hear the "get over it" speech from anyone. The process of divorce is like grieving...the loss of your spouse, your hopes and dreams. It takes time to get to the other side of a divorce...I'm not fooling myself as some have said in the past...I'm just sad that is is part of the process...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Women of Faith the recap

There is just something I can't describe about being in a building full of 12,000 women all singing the same worship songs and praising God.

There is something about older "wiser" more seasoned Christian women standing in front of you and relating experiences from their own lives to you thus proving you are not alone in your struggles.
I also find comfort in these women saying...Hey I struggle with this too but I don't have the answers...But I know who does have the answers...

This wasn't a predictable weekend. There were times that my sides hurt from laughing and times that I ran out of tissues.

This year's theme is "Contagious Joy". I am glad I caught it.

For some encouragement of your own click here to visit the official website for Women of Faith.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My weekend ahead

I am so excited to get on with this weekend. The last two years I have gotten so much from these weekends. There is just something about being in a building with 15,000 other women singing worship songs and just genuinely praising God.

Last year I was in the middle of the whole mess with Big Red. In fact he had the nerve to take my nephew (squirrel on crack) with him on a lunch date with a "friend" and her children.

Regaurdless last year I learned that nothing else really mattered because to God I am His princess. Wow...God thinks I am a princess...nothing else...nothing

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Yes it was one of those days....the kind of day that you are happy to be done with when it is over. The kind of day you don't want to repeat anytime soon.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Inspired by Coffee

So Coffee had a cool post where she remembers the first album she bought. She challenged her readers to think back to their first purchase. I have listed my first ones in 2 different categories. My first mainstream one I remember purchasing is Sinead O'Conner "I do not want what I do not have". I like the melancholy, Irish, folksy kind of sound she had. This album is not nearly as angry as her later albums. Of which as of 2002 I had all of them that she had recorded. I blame it on my Irish roots as to why I actually like her music...

My first purchase was actually a Christian tape by Whiteheart called "Don't wait for the Movie". I highly doubt anyone else has even heard of this group so I have also listed the first secular album I bought. I loved this tape because it was my first exposure to Christian music that wasn't hymns. I love hymns but as a teen I had no clue that anything else existed. This of course was before I made the decision to walk away from my faith. But that is an entirely different post...

Music in our house was a special event. I remember being excited when my Dad would golf on Saturdays because we would get to listen to the stereo while we cleaned the house. Of course then it was either The Carpenters or Anne Murray. Maybe that explains why I always have music going in my house.

So what was your first purchase of music?

Monday, August 14, 2006

The grains of sand

I learned something interesting at church last night. One cubic centimeter of sand has over 8000 grains of sand inside. So therefore one cubic foot has billions of grains inside.

Psalm 139

17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! 18 Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.

God's thoughts of me are more numerous than the grains of sand in the world.


That's something to ponder on today.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

All For Love/Shout Unto God

I couldn't help but post this one too...I love both of these songs and can't believe I found them both on one video!

The second song starts right around the 6 minute mark if that's the only one you want to hear.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The fork

Well it's not my group of kids but you get the picture. It was a short program but well done by the children. I only wish they could have been louder but all of a sudden they were all over taken with a case of shyness. NONE of these kids is shy in any it was humorous to watch. But it went well nonetheless.

Today I have taken some time to relax despite the fact that I should have gone grocery shopping and run a few other errands. Tomorrow will be another busy day with Church in the morning and then a membership meeting and then the special speaker at church too.

I will leave you with this:
There was a young woman who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three months to live. So as she was getting her things "in order," She contacted her Minister and had him come to her house to discuss certain aspects of her final wishes. She told him which songs she wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read, and what outfit she wanted to be buried in.

Everything was in order and the Minister was preparing to leave when the young woman suddenly remembered something very important to her. "There's one more thing," she said excitedly.

"What's that?" came the Minister's reply.

"This is very important," the young woman continued. "I want to be buried with a fork in my right hand."

The Minister stood looking at the young woman, not knowing quite what to say."That surprises you, doesn't it?" the young woman asked.

"Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request," said the Minister.

The young woman explained. "My grandmother once told me this story, and from that time on I have always tried to pass along its message to those I love and those who are in need of encouragement.

In all my years of attending socials and dinners, I always remember that when the dishes of the main course were being cleared, someone would inevitably lean over & say, 'Keep your fork.' It was my favorite part because I knew that something better was velvety chocolate cake or deep-d ish apple pie. Something wonderful & with substance!

'So, I just want people to see me there in that casket with a fork in my hand & I want them to wonder "What's with the fork?" Then I want you to tell them:

"Keep your fork - the best is yet to come."

Friday, August 11, 2006

The clown prayer

Tonight as we are graduating "our" clowns I have tried to step back and remember why I started this whole thing to begin with...

Lord,As I stumble through this life,
help me to create more laughter than tears,
dispense more cheer than gloom,
spread more cheer than despair.

Never let me become so indifferent,
that I will fail to see the wonders in the eyes of a child,
or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.

Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer people,
make them happy, and forget momentarily,
all the unpleasantness in their lives.

Never let me compromise the integrity of being
a clown for God by misdeeds or inappropriate actions.

And in my final moment,
may I hear You whisper:
“When you made My people smile,
you made Me smile.”

In Jesus Name, Amen


Thursday, August 10, 2006


I learned a lot from my classes last night. From the clown class that I teach I have learned how willing kids can be to "take one for the team". We will have a graduation ceremony on Friday that they seem to be prepared for but are willing to switch parts around at the last minute to fill in the holes.

I wasn't going to stay for the other class (that I grow from) but something just stuck inside me and I ended up staying. Boy I'm glad I did. I will probably spend a lot of time trying to digest all the information.

I grew up somewhat in the country so I am familiar with the process of breaking a horse. The lady last night made a very interesting point. God intends for us to be broken. Brokenness is God's purpose in our lives. Check out Job 5:17-18 or Hebrews 12:1-2, 5:8-9 or 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

Like a horse God can mold us when we are broken. Brokenness is His way of preparing us for the future. When we walk through tough times it teaches us to lean on Him for our strength and courage. Hebrews 12:5-11 shows us God loves us when He disciplines us.

The point is this...

We have to be broken to run with Spirit.

Even the best racehorse had to be broken before it could run with spirit. We have be broken to run with the Spirit.

When my dreams are gone ...when my dreams then become His dreams for my life that is when I can truly run with the Spirit of God inside me.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back from the edge of death

Ok so maybe it wasn't the edge of death but it felt like it! So that outrageously high fever of 102+ degrees finally broke around 6:30 am.

I slept and slept and slept some more. Jr woke me up at 6:00 to tell me I was late for work...I politely explained in less than 10 words that I was not late. I slept again. Woke off and on and sent Jr home around 7:20am and fell asleep again.

I slept off and on until almost noon. Now I feel pretty decent. I need to venture out to attend clown class this evening because we are finally graduating the little hooligans this Friday.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A headache

I feel a headache coming on....I was really lightheaded at work this afternoon...and now I think I have a fever...But that is nothing new I always have some sort of a fever...Man I hope this is APS and not that I'm getting sick....ugh

So my Mom stops in to the house to pick up paperwork and she feels my head...orders the temp to be taken....


And Jr. (whom I'm babysitting) must think I look horrid for he keeps telling me to go back to bed and sleep, "I can take care of things out here."


Monday, August 07, 2006

For my Helmet...

I have put serious consideration into some of these make your own bumper sticker sites. I came up with a few of my own that I can upload and for $4.95 (including shipping and handling) they will make my Bumper sticker. Many people I have spoken with lately have either thought or assumed they knew the answer to the question of my driving status. Anyone who knows me knows that I do not have a DWI/DUI/OWI or anything of the like. I don't drink any more so it is almost laughable. I have had a complete stranger ask me this question though. So maybe I will have this made and adhere it to the back of my helmet so others can read while they drive along with me.

Or I could just simply have this one made to explain the reason I do have the scooter out so much these days. Yes I ride it for fun.... and it is fun! But I have been on it almost exclusively this weekend since gas went back up to $3.19 a gallon here in the Fort. If I want to be able to afford the activity when I get there I had better take the scooter and conserve the gas on the way.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pet Peeves Part 2

Time for the next installment for your viewing pleasure:

1. Even when I'm going the speed limit (or perhaps a little above) people who still feel the need to pass me on my scooter. On a double yellow line no less when there is on coming traffic they pass close enough to almost knock me off the road.

2. Men with HUGE trucks. You know the ones I'm talking about. I recently pulled up to a light only to be right next to this truck with tires as tall as me on the scooter! I pulled up a little to get out of his side exhaust pipes only to have him pull up further with me. What was he thinking! He pulled up inching forward like I was going to race him off the line! I personally think men with these HUGE trucks are lacking something else in their lives or are "over compensating" in a Freudian type way.

So what bugs you? What are your pet peeves?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Casting Crowns

So my friend has recently turned me on to Casting Crowns. Sure I have heard them on the radio but she created a CD from the good ole net with all her favorite songs. I didn't hear the entire CD but the songs I heard have really stuck with me.

And in comes YouTube. My new (again) discovery. But I don't like the way the video looks when it is on the screen with my new page layout. So here is the link for you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...


A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could, and it could go no further.

So the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon.

The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time.

Neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and haste, did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were God's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. If God allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, it would cripple us.

We would not be as strong as what we could have been. We could never fly!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Would I do it all over again?

Today is my 5 Year Anniversary. Since we are legally still married things now shift a bit in the laws because we now have a "vested marriage". If I had it to over again would I marry him again? I can't go back in time and there is no way I would ever take him back now but that's still a tough question.

If I said NO like my gut reaction would be...

* Would I still have become a Christian? You see that happened on our 1 year wedding anniversary. The reason we ended up at that church (well any Church for that matter) was because we ended up in Marriage counseling within months of being married. The counseling led me (us) to Church. I know that God brought me to my knees to get my attention before I sought Him out. He knew what it would take.

* Would I have discovered that I have APS? Would I (or my family) have known what to do when I had the TIA earlier this year?

* Would I give up the last 7 years of my life and all the joys included along with the sorrows?

* Would I leave behind all that I have learned about myself? How strong I can be and where to turn when I'm weak?

If I said Yes...

* Wow would I REALLY sign up for all the pain that has come in the last 15 months? The total destroying of my trust in human nature... in men... in anything?

* Would I really want to go through the pain of losing the babies? Knowing I have a slim chance of giving birth naturally? Knowing that adoption is a more feasible option?

* Would I want to live in that Hell hole of a house that still isn't finished?

I can rest in the knowledge that no matter what God would still have gotten my attention somehow.

I do not want to give up how far I have come in my relationship with God. I have learned so much through all the pain.

If I trade in the sorrows and pain then I am forced to trade in the growth and joys as well. I think I am a better person for the whole experience.

It is a tough call and I am glad I don't have to make the choice.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Introducing Milton the Monkey

Ok so you may think it is stupid but I like the company...just kidding. If you move the mouse over the screen by him you can make him swing around the trees when you click.

I changed the links a little as well as Coffee has moved yet again. Go check her out and offer a virtual hug if you will...

Embarrassing Doctor stories Part 1

So I received an email from a friend today and laughed that good kind of belly laugh that only comes when you are truly amused...

1. A man comes into the ER and yells, "My wife's going to have her baby in the cab!" I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs ---and I was in the wrong one. Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald, San Antonio, TX.

2. One day I had to be the bearer of bad news when I told a wife that her husband had died of a massive myocardial infarct. Not more than five minutes later, I heard her reporting to the rest of the family that he had died of a "massive internal fart." Submitted by Dr. Susan Steinberg

3. I was caring for a woman and asked, "So how's your breakfast this morning?" "It's very good, except for the Kentucky Jelly. I can't seem to get used to the taste" the patient replied. I then asked to see the jelly and the woman produced a foil packet labeled "KY Jelly." Submitted by Dr. Leonard Kransdorf, Detroit, MI

I will post more tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Crazy Dog

Ok I can't resist this video as well...maybe the dog isn't as talented as the mentos guys but the dog is funny nonetheless. enjoy these as I will be returning to regular posting soon...I see a free hour or so tomorrow...I'll pencil it

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Soda and Mentos

Soda and Mentos

I have heard several people talking about the mentos videos and all the things that can be done with a simple bottle of Diet Coke. I found what I believe to be the best one out there. It's great because it is planned, professional and well timed...enjoy. Yes I know it is too large for the current template but I couldn't resist.