Monday, December 31, 2007

Man I feel old!

I remember being a teenager and I couldn't wait to be 21 on New Year's Eve so I could go out and legally do what I wanted and stay out as late as I wanted without being grounded...

This year I am sad to inform you that I will be sleeping as the clock turns over to 2008. I worked today, I have no money and sleep is just more appealing at this point in my life.

But nonetheless I want to wish you a Happy New Year...Maybe I will post a few resolutions tomorrow that I won't keep past the first week.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Remember the real reason for the day...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

May the force be with you....

So we have added a little Jedi Warrior to our house. Santa came early on Thursday night because he didn't want the new puppy for the Squirrel (on crack after 4 or 5 espressos) to get cold in the sleigh. Awww... So cute and cuddly and LOUD! He seems to be a Border Collie mix with small feet. They...errr....I mean Santa said he would only get to be maybe 30-35 lbs.

He is pictured here with a full belly after a hard morning of playing with Squirrel. We only let him sleep a few times and only about 15-30 minutes at a time. Last night his day and night hours where a little mixed up.

He is not fond of being alone. Oh and you know it! Tonight he only barked for a half hour before falling asleep.

Smart little sucker he is alright.

We have decided to go the age old route of Kennel training simply to save the carpets when we are not home or sleeping. He is only 12 weeks old. As he watches the other dogs he has figured out (for the most part) piddling outside. Of course he is what I call an excited piddler. When he gets too excited or happy he piddles a little on the floor but he tries to stop himself at least. On the other hand we will be VERY EXCITED when the "yard bombs" are actually outside in the yard and not in my bathroom, the hallway, the bedroom... well you get the picture.

We are anxious to get past this part of the potty breaking....or whatever you call it so he can start sleeping with the Squirrel at night. The cat is actually still bigger than him at this point. Right now he is just too "leaky" and well he decides to play at night and actually tried to nurse on my sister's earlobes while she was sleeping...briefly sleeping at that point :o)

Puppy surprise at Christmas time sounded like such a good idea but of course the youngest dog I have ever had was a fully trained 2 1/2 year old lab. Well at least we have the next several days to work on this training thing.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it snow let it snow.....

The snow is deep, 7 inches I believe, but we have not seen a snowplow yet on our road. Mr. X from this blog did come over and use the snowblower to dig us out so we could at least open the doors that had been blown shut.

Mr. X had to use the snowblower (by blowing a path) to get across the street.

Mom and Beau just called from the south and she was "upset" because it would not hit the 80 degree mark today....Mom who????

This is one of those times when I wish I still had the 4x4 Blazer that was totaled while parked on the street.

A snow emergency has shut down most of the city so today I hope to curl up in a blanket with some coffee and watch some movies on Lifetime.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

For some reason I am really torn on this issue....

Corcoran plea deal on trial in Chicago

By Rebecca S. Green

CHICAGO – Nothing was typical about the case of convicted quadruple-murderer Joseph E. Corcoran, but whether a plea offer made by the then-Allen County prosecutor was appropriate is now a matter to be decided by a federal appellate court.

Monday afternoon, Indiana Deputy Attorney General James Martin argued that Allen County Prosecutor Robert Gevers’ offer to withdraw the death penalty during plea negotiations was within his prosecutorial discretion.

Even if that offer came with the caveat that Corcoran give up his right to a jury trial and allow a judge to decide his fate.

A three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago took up the case after Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter appealed a ruling by a federal judge overturning the death penalty, saying Gevers’ offer violated Corcoran’s constitutional rights.

The federal judge’s ruling was the latest step in years of wrangling over Corcoran’s death sentence after he was convicted of murdering his brother, his sister’s fiancĂ© and two of his brother’s friends in July 1997.

Both sides had 30 minutes to present their arguments Monday, and as they spoke, the three judges – William J. Bauer, Ann Claire Williams and Diane Sykes – questioned the lawyers on their interpretations of the law and their arguments.

Gevers’ offer to withdraw the death penalty in exchange for a bench trial instead of a jury trial was no different than any other negotiation common when both sides try to hammer out plea agreements, Martin argued.

“So what was the actual harm to Corcoran by this offer,” Judge Williams asked Martin.

“There was none, your honor,” Martin replied, adding that had a judge decided his case, Corcoran could have been acquitted and escaped the death penalty in that way as well.

But Williams pushed Martin a bit on the issue, asking whether there is a limit to what constitutional rights prosecutors can get defendants to bargain away, even the right to a lawyer or the right against self-incrimination.

Missouri-based attorney Larry Komp, arguing for Corcoran as his court-appointed counsel, said Corcoran should not be penalized for exercising his right to a jury trial.

But Judge Bauer seemed to disagree.

“To say you can’t piecemeal (plea agreements) is to fly in the face of what’s been going on in every (negotiation) in the history of plea bargains,” Bauer said. “What case says you can’t do that?”

Williams again asked how Corcoran was harmed by Gevers’ offer and asked whether following Komp’s argument could lead all prosecutors to forgo seeking plea agreements.

Also at issue before the appellate court is whether Corcoran was competent to waive his rights to have a judge re-evaluate his sentence – a process known as post-conviction relief.

The federal judge upheld an earlier ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court that found Corcoran made a rational choice when he decided not to seek such a review.

Komp said three medical experts found Corcoran suffered from delusions, possibly paranoid schizophrenia.

When Corcoran waived his right to have a judge re-evaluate his sentence, saying he believed execution was an appropriate punishment for the murders of four people, Corcoran was trying to end his own agony.

But Martin argued that the doctors who evaluated Corcoran believed he understood what the process involved and what the consequence would be if he decided not to pursue it.

There is no time frame for the federal judges to issue a ruling, which could come in as little as a few days or take as long as a year.

End of article

First off let me tell you this....he IS crazy! He has since come out and admitted to killing his own parents in 1992, a crime of which he was acquitted. Without outing myself too much here I can tell you that I went to High School with him in a small northern town. He was one of those kids that you either hung with him or you avoided him at all costs...he wasn't violent, just strange. There was something about him that made you stay away from him because he was "different" or dark if you will.

Now don't get me wrong we had our own little small town version of hierarchy of Goth/Punk/Stoner/Preppy/Jock/Geeks etc. But Joe was different and everyone knew it.

I think he was a young teen when he "accidentally" shot a friend in the leg (grazing it) while they were hunting. No charges on this one because the friend said it was an accident as well.

I don't know about all the legal wrangling that has gone on in the last 10 years since this conviction or even what has happened in his life since the acquittal of murdering both his parents and then going to school like nothing happened. I waver back and forth on the death penalty in general because I don't believe it is applied fairly or evenly in this country. Yes some cases deserve it...but is it right to let the State take a life? I was upset about the no smoking thing because I didn't like the government having that much control. I no longer smoke and I did love being able to go out and not smell like an ashtray when I came home but it just seems...intrusive. I don't like that some people are told at their place of employment to say "Happy Holidays" and are forbidden from saying "Merry Christmas".

I have never intended this blog to political in any way...I just have some fundamental concepts in my life that I have been reevaluating for the last ...oh.... 5 years or so. Being unemployed for so long left me with time to think about some things.

However I am going to be starting the training for the new job this week...I am excited and well beyond ready to get this going!

2 posts in one weekend! Must be a record of some sorts for me lately.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Princess Bride

This movie was released 20 years ago? Could it really be that long ago? I remember seeing it when it was released in ...gulp....1987.

I still to this day think it is one of my favorite movies ever. In fact I just sat in my bedroom and exchanged quotes with my sister...does that make me a geek?

Well then I guess I am OK with that because it will forever be one of my favorites. It helps me connect with my silly side and the hope that true love does exist. I know it takes work but I know there are true gentlemen out there amongst the Prince Humperdinks of the world.

Monday, November 26, 2007


The simple fact that I have been offered a job makes me jump for joy!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen I will soon be among the working force again!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

More useless information...

As of 2006, 200 million blogs were left without updates

Fathers tend to determine the height of their child, mothers their weight.

Up to 25% of hospital keyboards carry the MRSA infection.

"Jaws" is the most common name for a goldfish.

On average, a 4-year-old child asks 437 questions a day.

The state of California raises the most turkeys out of all of the states.

Toilet paper was invented in 1857.

And now courtesy of Guinness Book of World Records

Ken Edwards of Glossop, Derbyshire, England ate 36 cockroaches in one minute on the set of The Big Breakfast, London, England on March 5, 2001.

Bernie Barker (USA) ( b. July 31, 1940), a regular performer at Club LeBare, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, began his career in 2000 at the age of 60 as a way to get in shape after recovering from prostate cancer, and worked as a stripper until he sadly passed away in March 2007. During his career, he won over 30 contests.

The fastest time to eat a 12" pizza is 2 min 19.91 sec by Tom Waes (Belgium) in Ghent, Belgium on December 2, 2006.

If I had a job I wouldn't have time to do the research on all these stupid things...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I promise to try to update more often but my time has been consumed with the job search!

I enjoyed a relaxed Thanksgiving dinner with my sister et all. I didn't know that a holiday could be like this....great food, relaxing and well I guess we have always had interesting conversations but they were quiet and civilized today?!?

More coming soon but a football game is calling my name...

Friday, November 16, 2007

If only...

If only the job I need was marked like this.

I am getting frustrated but I can say that I have been
turned down by some of the finest places in
Fort Wayne.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Still looking....

Just in case you are so inclined....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

So here is the Halloween post that everyone loved and linked to before so I will make this a Halloween tradition...

From the days of Old....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So I am a little rusty at this whole concept of flirting. Only a couple parts of it really:

1. How do I know when someone is flirting with me?

2. How do I flirt back or start the flirtation?

OK so they are big parts but I really am clueless!

INSERT DISCLAIMER HERE: I am not judging anyone by any means. I am simply trying to figure out how I want to walk out this being single thing.

As I have stated before I was not a Christian when Big Red and I met and married. Flirting is different when you are not a believer. Flirting is REALLY different when you are married...

When you are married flirting keeps things interesting so to speak. But there is no line that can't be crossed when you are married...flirting leads to other things and that is great ...if you are married. At least in my world...

When I wasn't a Christian the same lines were not there to cross or not cross...(sorry sis if that is TMI) I was living for me and not God.

So now that you know basically where my boundaries are set...any suggestions on how to flirt?

How do I even let a guy know I am interested? I don't want to be the one asking him out. I want someone to pursue me for a change.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A compliment

So I received a compliment from my Sister.

She looked at me and smiled as I was carrying a TV set back to the "fort" in her room to set up the GameCube for the squirrel. I asked what she was smiling about and she said she was thinking of something.

And then she said IT.

She said, "You know you turned into the cool Aunt."

I had to think about it. I always said I wanted to be the cool Aunt when she had kids (well and when that other guy we have to call a brother had children).

I have taken him after school to places to buy used games for the new system with his Birthday Money. Let him set it up in my room and actually played a game to show him how to launch the BeyBlades (don't ask). Today I took him to buy the memory card for the system so he can save games and we picked up another used game for only $4.99.

See Aunt One4JC knows where to get deals on used games because Uncle Big Red had almost every gaming system created at the time and at least 30 games for each one. Hrmph...issues beyond!

I also helped him set up the "Fort"area with the pull out bed thingy, the TV and GameCube so he can hide out and play without disturbing anyone else and he can have his "own space". While I can't take credit for the concept of the "fort" (that would be his Mom's idea) somehow I am the one who made it real to him and now he feels safe enough to go in the "fort".

Of course he just ran from the room because there was a "centipede looking thing type bug in there!!!!!!"

Even "big boys" have there moments...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The hunt is STILL on

The job hunt is an ongoing process....


I had 1 interview today and another on Thursday with a different company.

Right now my job is...finding a least that's what Dr. Phil would say.

The thing I like right now is that I can sleep in until 7:00am, take the Squirrel to school and grab a cup of coffee before I start the search. I sure don't miss the phone calls at 5:00am when someone called in sick and the mad rush to get there before the first child arrived.

I do however need a job so I can move out and give my nephew his own room. Not to mention that the money would come in very handy with Christmas approaching.

Oh Wait! We just had our Christmas and Thanksgiving combined up at the lake in a restaurant because Mom and Beau are leaving for the south of the country this Thursday. This Thursday. I am not sure when they return but I am thinking someone might have mentioned April?

I still want a job so I can move out and feel like a grown up!

Some interesting facts I have learned on the World Wide Web:

Earthworms have five hearts

SCUBA divers cannot pass gas at depths of 33 feet or below

More than 90% of plane crashes have survivors.

Watching television can act as a natural painkiller for children

Iceland has the highest concentration of broadband users in the world.

The two most famous actors who portrayed the “Marlboro Man” in the cigarette ads died of lung cancer.

Men with a certain rare medical condition can breastfeed babies

The largest pumpkin weighed 377 pounds.

On an average work day, a typist's fingers travel 12.6 miles.

On average, a 4-year-old child asks 437 questions a day.

Nondairy creamer is flammable.

More American workers (18%) call sick on Friday than any other day of the week. Tuesday has the lowest percent of absenteeism (11%).

Average number of days a German goes without washing his underwear: 7.

The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one mile in every five must be straight. These straight sections are useable as airstrips in times of war or other emergencies.

The average person will spend two weeks over their lifetime waiting for the traffic light to change

Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he didn't wear pants.

Tokyo has had 24 recorded instances of people either killed or receiving serious skull fractures while bowing to each other with the traditional Japanese greeting.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ode to the Bird...

From the area of Indiana this article caught my attention on the Associated Press:

Parrot mimics alarm, saves family

Associated Press
MUNCIE – A noisy parrot that likes to imitate sounds helped save a man and his son from a house fire by mocking a smoke alarm, the bird’s owner says.

Shannon Conwell, 33, said he and his 9-year-old son fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. They awoke about 3 a.m. Friday to find their home on fire after hearing the family’s Amazon parrot, Peanut, imitating a fire alarm.

“He was really screaming his head off,” Conwell said.

The smoke alarm had activated, but it was the bird’s call that caught Conwell’s attention. “I grabbed my son and my bird, and got out of the house,” he said.

The fire destroyed the home’s dining room, kitchen and bedroom, Muncie fire officials said. It remains under investigation.

Aside from Peanut, Conwell said the fact that he and his son fell asleep on the couch helped save them. They may not have heard the alarm or the bird had they been asleep in their bedrooms.

Conwell said he runs an air conditioner and a breathing machine in his bedroom that drown out a lot of noise around the house.

Can you imagine? I am not a big fan of Big Birds being in houses and my sister would have a coronary if I even suggested it... It's not that I don't like birds I just get a little nervous in enclosed places with them...not the same as my fear of bats...those are just N-A-S-T-Y.

With that being said...With the insurance money from the fire I am POSITIVE that bird would have the nicest cage and treats I could find!

On another note...

I found this trailer on YouTube for the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds.

I will warn you that it is mostly him talking but around the 4 minute mark a live bird makes an appearance and by around 4 1/2 minutes I was shuttering and my cat was batting at the computer if you do not like birds...DO NOT watch this video clip.

Friday, October 19, 2007

What happens when she gets bored?

While that is not my hair that is a good representation of the amount I took off yesterday.

Yes it is true the hair has come off.

I was bored and ready for a change so it resulted in me losing 7-8 inches of hair. When I went into my stylist she reminded me that I had not been there since October 7th...LAST YEAR! Yes it is true I had been cutting my own bangs and just letting the hair go wild for the last year. Part was because I haven't had time recently and part is because I haven't had a style I liked enough to keep up with it.

I literally lost that much hair but also I look like I lost 20 lbs and 5 years off my age! It is ironic because I took in a picture of Lisa Rinna thinking that my face was too round for it but I like the messy look. My Stylist almost fell over and the stylist next to me said, "Rock on! Own the cut!"

I told her I would like it a little longer but gave her free reign but reminding her that I have an interview next week...Oh yes did I mention that yet?

Several years ago I noticed my hair had gotten a little natural wave to it. Odd as it has been stick straight my entire life. Well with this cut it has curled up and looks awesome!

Someone even commented that I had gotten highlights as but the gray is positioned in such a way that they look like blond streaks. Once I get a J-O-B I will go ahead and splurge to get a few highlights as well.

Well I need to help finish the final prep work for the Birthday Party that is happening here tonight. Nope not me but the Squirrel! He had me awake by 5:15 AM singing "Happy Birthday to me" to the tune of "We Wish you a Merry Christmas"?? He was a little excited to say the least!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Michael Jackson has Lupus?

Oh good grief! Say it isn't so!

According to published reports, some of which actually cite the Lupus foundation, good old Wacko Jacko has Lupus.

What is Lupus? Click here. Or here.

The disease I have is called Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome.
The thing in my blood is called Lupus Anticoagulant.
They are closely related, but not exactly the same. A lot of the research overlaps.

I do NOT want this person to become the spokesman for MY disease!

People already have a hard time believing that Lupus is a real disease and now we have one of the most famous lunatics in modern history representing us.


I am hard pressed to think of a worse spokesman...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Almost a year ago....

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I got back from Jamaica!
It was one of the most difficult weeks in my life yet at the same time the most rewarding, meaningful, fulfilling and special weeks of my life as well.

I know off and on I have talked about how much I miss being there. I have come to the conclusion that I miss the closeness I felt to God and to my friends more than anything else. Yes I really enjoyed building the entertainment center , the experiences and the views at the waterfalls.

I also miss seeing the smiling little faces of the children at the home. I think because we went as a group of only women the children bonded to us more than other groups. It took a while to warm up to us but once they chose you it was over they had your heart.

One little boy kept coming over and touching my arm, looking at it and saying, "Whoa!" After several days of doing this I asked. Apparently the children had never seen someone as white as me before. Yes Caucasian people had been there MANY times but I am the palest of pale white colors. In the winter you can hold up a piece of paper to my legs and compare the color with a degree of certainty.

I miss being able to make time with God and 9 other women every morning to just set in His presence and pray. That week marked the changing point in my life. God watched out for me (and others in the group) in more ways than you can imagine. The first night there "someone" tried to break into our house in the middle of the night...I slept through it but not everyone did. That in itself is a miracle...I have to feel safe to sleep and the fact that I was not awakened helped me feel safe enough to sleep the rest of the week. I did have a small TIA down there that passed very quickly...of course on the morning I was speaking at the Bible college.

Tomorrow I am meeting one of the ladies from the trip for coffee. There are also several others from the trip that I would not hesitate to call. The friendships formed on this trip will last a lifetime.

Kind of ironic considering how I argued with God all the way through the process, right up to the point on the airport runway when I looked at the friend next to me and said, "Oh crap. I'm going to Jamaica!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Amazing Freedom

I stumbled on this video today and all of my memories of the conference came flooding back to me... I need to remember in the midst of the storm that I am still free in Christ.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My agenda

My agenda for the next week or two (hopefully not that long) is to find a job.

I am not really picky at this point because I just need to find a job and move out so I can be a grown-up again. Ideally I would rather use my office skills rather than my kid type skills.

I have a few leads but nothing promising enough to get my hopes up.

I do have more to say but I need to get back on the hunt for the elusive Greenback Bill...He is an endangered species around here right now.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

From generation to generation...

So my lovely sister and I introduced the Squirrel (aka my nephew) to the movie "Goonies". At first it was like pulling teeth to get him to sit down for this movie...he whined...he complained...he almost threw a full fledged fit but stopped just as the map was pulled out in the movie. Soon he was fully enthralled in the movie...and loved it!

I remember seeing this movie in the theater as somehow my sister convinced my Mom to let me go see it with her. This became one of my favorite movies. I had the poster, the folders for school and envied the kids lucky enough to get the lunch box.

This was the movie everyone in my generation loved. Some were too old for E.T. and some of us were too young to see the Star Wars movies but we all loved The Goonies. I think the Goonies was so popular because it was ever person's dream regardless of age. To stumble upon a get rich quick plan that actually works and saves the day while becoming a hero to all (including parents), catching the bad guys and finding a girlfriend/boyfriend was the ultimate dream.

This movie is one of the greatest ever and I am really glad that after all the teeth pulling to get the Squirrel to actually watch it that he ended up really loving it.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The cleaning frenzy

Due to me losing my job...why do they call it that? I didn't lose it...I know right where it is, they are the ones that lost it went... crazy and decided that 1 mistake was not acceptable...

Anyway...what was I saying?

Due to some unforeseen circumstances Mom, Beau, myself and an Aunt have been cleaning, sorting and hauling all of my Mom's JUNK out of this house. This has been interesting to say the least. At last count they have taken 4 trailers of stuff out of here of my Mother's things...Trailer like the size of a U-haul truck type trailer.

And did I mention that it did NOT include any furniture...just paperwork and all of the stuff she has hoarded all of these years.

The ironic quotes of the week so far have come from the Aunt:

"I have known your Mom for over 60 years and I have just now realized just how much stuff she hoards!"

She went on to tell me how apparently my Mom has also been complaining to her about the house being a mess and how it is all MY fault for the way it looks.

"One4JC you do not even have a fourth of the items in this house! It took you ten minutes to clean your stuff out of the living room and days for her to get her stuff out!"

However I am excited because I now have a dresser in my room and we cleaned all of her things out of my closet so I have places to put things.

It is no joke when I say we have been working nonstop since Saturday getting this place cleared of her stuff and getting things more settled around here.

And the real kicker is this:
Beau walks in yesterday morning and has the nerve to say,"So have you gotten a job yet?"


I stumble out a "No not yet I have been a little busy around here helping you guys."

He then goes on to tell me he thought maybe something would have fallen into my lap by now etc.

Crickets chirping.....................................................................

So off the computer I must go so that I can look for a job and be a productive member of society again...LOL

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Not so Priceless...

Working 60 + hours a week

Working the last 4 Saturdays and part of a Sunday as well

Being paid a salary for 40 hours

Not being paid well for those hours

Working in a classroom 7 hours a day with children because my board won't let me hire a replacement for the teacher they had me fire

AND trying to be the boss at the same time

Making 1 mistake...

That was corrected before any ill effects had taken place

Not so Priceless...


Not being able to move into the long awaited apartment

going back on the hunt for a job




Waiting on God

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'll be back soon....moving, packing and working are keeping me very very busy!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Happy Dance

The Happy Dance...

Things are looking up right now...

I passed my test this morning! I am now certified to not only serve food in any restaurant in this fair land of ours but also be the manager of any restaurant I want...well provided they would hire me LOL!

Kind of ironic that I went to college so that I could have the possibility of a career in a field that did not involve flipping burgers and now this new law tells me I have to know the information anyway.

It is official... I have signed the lease on the new apartment today! The "BIG MOVE" is scheduled for next Saturday. The good news is because of the last move and how it happened most of my things are already packed and still in the garage at this point. If you feel the need to help me out drop me an email and we can set things up :o)

Once I get the replacement hired for the teacher that I "let go" things should be smoother again at work. It amazes me that things are either really smooth or extremely rocky at work there is no middle ground.

While things are looking up for me, a friend of mine has just discovered her husband's adultery. If you think of it say a little prayer for her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


These last 2 1/2 weeks have been enough to make me want to start smoking again!

Here are the highlights (or lowlights depending on your perspective):

I have written up an employee...suspended her...and now at the request of my supervisors fired her because of her actions. Talk about a nice start to the day at 6:30 am!

I have come precariously close to losing a major funding source. I think I managed to pull that one out of the crapper in the nick of time.

I am in the midst of completing a 9 hour online training so that I can test out of it on Friday.

I informed my Mom today that an apartment has been chosen and the move in date is a week from Saturday! I am trying to talk her into selling me the washer and dryer from the current house to take with me but....

I have worked several 12 hour days (oh the joys of being on salary!), worked the last 3 Saturdays and one Sunday (for a few hours) and been told that I needed to put in more overtime to get things done.


The thing that bugs me about this is I could go to a Department store and make what I do now (if not more) and only work 40 hours a week. BUT this happens to be my passion and where God wants me right now.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This pretty well sums up my day.

Picture Day at work...

Trying to get that many children to smile...

Bullheaded, obstinate employee...

Board meetings...

Tuesday HAS TO BE better....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Floor Plans???

I have looked at so many floor plans that they are all starting to look alike. I actually filled out an application today. Of course after we went through all the items I required in an apartment and the price range I was looking to be inside of she informed me that they only had the more expensive model on the first floor. This would be one of my requirements...first floor. I hate moving chairs, beds and desks upstairs. Not to mention I will grasping for help because of the short notice I fear I will have to get out.

I have noticed that many floor plans for a one bedroom apartment are very very similar. There is not a great deal of different opportunities in how to arrange a layout but they are almost all carbon copies with different prices and locations. I will be making a decision soon...hopefully this week.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A few guilty pleasures

I have a few shows that I hate to miss the new episodes. I am a die hard Law and Order fan and Law and Order SVU as well. However I never really liked Criminal Intent or Trial by Jury for some reason. Maybe it was just me being too set in my ways and too fond of the styles of the originals.

I also am one of the last remaining "first season through the present" ER fans. I know none of the original cast members are left but I mean come on the show has been on for 12-13 seasons? Look at how many of these people have gone on to film careers, other shows or are just too stinking rich to have to work again. I think one of the reason I have held on so long is because of the cliffhangers from season to season.

I used to be absolutely addicted to the show Friends. Of course when I became a Christian I started to have serious issues with some of the shows but.... I held on until the last episode out of almost some sick obligation. One year I did have to tape the season finale and watch it several weeks later. It was the season that ended with the birth of Ross and Rachel's Baby. I had lost the second twin that week and had to have the D and C. I was not in the mood to see that show at that time.

I do happen to be a huge fan of the Biggest Loser. For some reason it inspires me to eat healthier and walk the stairs instead of riding the escalator.

I used to watch the Real World all the time on MTV. I even tried out once and got down to the last 100 people they were considering for the season. Nope never made it. The older I got the less interested I was in watching it.

Some of the older shows that used to hold my attention were Murphy Brown, Gilligan's Island and of course the Little Rascals. As a kid I remember acting out trying to get off the island with other children in the neighborhood. Of course this was in between Thundercats, Smurfs and Emergency show reenactments.

So what show did you watch?

Thoughts for today

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

The road to success is always under construction.

Gene Police: You!! Out Of The Pool!

Friday, September 14, 2007

The fun this week

Work was NOT fun this week! I had issues with employees. I had issues with funding sources. I had issues with my office.

I also am trying desperately to locate and lease an apartment within my price range. Mom and Beau have been here almost every day. I have managed to avoid them purely by coincidence. I have put in so many hours at work that by the time I get home at 7:00pm or later they are gone for the day.

In fact I will spend most of the day tomorrow at work as well trying to play catch up from being in a classroom. I had teachers suspended, sick AND in the hospital this week. I do have an appointment to look at an apartment at 4:00pm and then probably to the laundromat to do the daycare laundry for the week.

The sooner I can get out of this house and into my own apartment a lot of my stress will be gone. I need to feel independent again...that is something that Big Red took from me in the divorce.

Once I get past this month at work and get my staffing settled a bit it will be less stressful there as well. What with Picture Day coming up, a retirement of an employee and appointing a new Assistant Director all this month it is no wonder things are a little tense in the building...

I never did manage to get a motorcycle this summer. I seem to have run out of time as far as the weather is concerned.

As you see I played with the layout a bit. I am not done but I am growing tired so alas maybe I can get back to it this weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Actions have consequences...

Actions have consequences even if you apologize. An employee this week learned this the hard way where I work. Yes One4Jc is fairly laid back and easy going BUT I do have my limits. She is the first person to push me far enough for serious consequences. Being "written up" is not good but an actual unpaid suspension is a sure sign that you have pushed too far.

She is appealing the suspension but it doesn't look good for her. Several of my supervisors thought she should have been fired over the incident not just suspended.

My actions have consequences as well. I missed a deadline and I am paying the penalty for it. It is repairable but time consuming. I got too caught up in enrolling new students, staffing issues and other paper work and the deadline whooshed up on me today and the items are not ready. The kicker is that I got a letter of "recognition" of my mistake today...before the actual deadline had did my boss. Whoops.

The last actual day off I had was Labor Day...I have been working through the weekend to play catch up on all the things I have missed by being bogged down with other stuff like ...oh say....staffing classrooms. Looks like I will work through this weekend as well.

And my Mom wants me to get this apartment when???????

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The dreaded temper tantrum

I know you have all seen a temper tantrum...a fit, if you will.

Here are a few definitions:

a loss of mental balance or composure, esp. by an outburst of anger or irritation; a violent demonstration of rage or frustration;

a sudden burst of ill temper....
a display of bad temper; "he had a fit"; "she threw a tantrum"; "he made a scene"

Being in the business of daycare I have seen more than my fair share over the years.

I am sure you can visualize a child stomping feet, crying, yelling, shaking and maybe even throwing himself on the floor to spin, shake, spit and just generally writhe around on the floor.

Those I have seen...

I believe I witnessed my first adult temper tantrum this week...maybe we can call it a hissy fit.

When did it become acceptable to throw a fit at work?

I would post the details for the sake of venting but I wonder if she has discovered this blog somehow on the enormous web.

I am intimidated by her now. I never thought twice about it until this incident. She did not hurt me or threaten me but she approached me in an aggressive way that made me cringe on the inside. I don't think she will last much longer...if she even comes back...I don't know...

Just rambling I guess...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oh what a morning...

Not for the weak stomached...

Yesterday afternoon I was summoned across the street to gather up the littlest dog at my sister's humble household. She had a seizure and the little fellow wouldn't leave her alone.

So he awakened me nice and early this morning to go outside for his "daily business" as my grandma would have called it. Not a problem he went out...

I proceeded to check the email, get ready for church and dink around the house...well I dinked a little too long I guess.

I am walking through the living room to get my keys to take the lad back before church and I interrupted him "doing business" on the living room floor. I yelled his name and he stopped... tried to run away but dropped little presents across the living room during his great escape.

I guess once the process is started...

My lovely cat is following me down the hall as she isn't thrilled that we have a house guest. They get along but she doesn't like competing for my attention. I guess we have been alone together too long. When we have a guest human or animal she sticks really close. REALLY REALLY CLOSE. I tripped over her at least 6 times since he came to visit.

Back to the story...where was I? Dog running leaving a trail...oh yes!

As I yell his name I stop at the entrance of the living room and the smell hits me...then the smell hits the cat and the cat starts throwing up! I try to grab my cat and take her to a non carpeted place...but she runs.................... and continues to puke. In different spots down the hallway before I manage to pick her up.

Let's recap:
* Running late for church
* Dog poops
* One4jc yells
* Cat pukes

Any guesses???
I walked across the living room, grabbed my keys, grabbed the dog and took him home all the while praying that my Mom did not show up between now and when I got home from church.

So I went to church arriving only a few minutes late and came home to clean it all up after church.

Wow makes me wonder what this afternoon has in store...

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It never ceases to amaze me how deep and unconditional God's love is for me. It doesn't matter how much I screw up or how bad the mistake is that I make He forgives me and loves me. And trust me there have been some huge mistakes! There was a time that I was not even concerned about what God thought never mind trying to live for Him...I was living for myself or what ever guy happened to stick around long enough for a relationship.


When God brought me to my knees He did it with love. I had no where else to turn...Rock bottom is not comfortable...but when I looked up I saw Him waiting to pick me up.

Right now this is currently one of my favorite songs. I love the imagery that was placed with the song. Whether I knew it or not God was right beside me...and always will be...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If it could go wrong....

What a week and it is only Weds. morning! I stayed at work until almost 9:00pm last night trying to get some uninterrupted work done. I did get a lot accomplished but man I'm tired today!

We have had several children pushing the limits at work this week and just lots of little stuff that has snowballed to make an UGH kind of week already.

I sent a child home yesterday after he bit 2 teachers and myself...scratched 3 different teachers, threw toys at other children and slapped a child so hard it left a red hand print on their cheek. He's 4. Old enough to not get away with this stuff.

Of course we have had the general fevers, runny noses creeping crud kind of stuff...oh and Hand, Foot and Mouth.

Lots of paperwork to be completed. Annual inspections to be completed and returned to the correct agencies, cleaning carpets in the "new" room and getting it set up and organized for use.

I have a cover to build for an A/C unit, testing to be done on several levels for staff because it was deemed "unreadable" as the bottom 3 millimeters (LOL) were cut off the bottom of some of the pages....I tell you they have to find something to issue a citation for don't they?

I will be running one of the corrections pages downtown to save time today and then back to work I go...I am VERY ready for this 3 day weekend.