Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I know this may sound really odd but my tongue really hurts! When I look in the mirror it looks like I have several taste buds swollen, irritated and inflamed.

I thought maybe I was doing that crazy sucking thing when I sleep again. I know that sounds odd but apparently I suck on my own tongue when I sleep at times...

Given that I have worked with children and seen almost every ailment known to mankind I have ruled those out. I am not currently working with children so it would make it highly unlikely at best.

Oh Well just another oddity of my life...

Monday, February 18, 2008


The events of late in my humble abode have left me exhausted to say the least. Dealing with our little squirrel with issues of medication switches, shake ups of homes etc has taken a toll on us all.
The slightly odd note here is that Squirrel has begun refering to me as one of his parents. I find this odd. I have made no secret of my misfortune in the child producing area of my life.
However this past weekend it dawned on me that I am old enough to be the parent of every young girl sitting at my table on Sunday mornings. Most of them were born the year I graduated from High School.
I do still have every intention of Adopting someday. God's timing ...not mine...
The new job...
There is someone who was hired at the same time as myself for the same position only Part time.
The problem I have is that she sleeps....yes at work. She is only in her 20's!
She even plans this into her day! "I will just do XY&Z and then sneak in a nap before lunch..." Our supervisor is aware of this but has been SO BUSY he hasn't had time to address this issue with her. I am not implying that this is an excuse for him...we literally have had people walk out and quit, pass away and other issues like flooding at his home etc. All major issues.
I hope this is taken care of soon or at least addressed...the rest of us are tired of picking up the slack. We are only picking up things that reflect on us as a group, her indivdual responsibities are hers to screw up. Which will become abundantly clear in the next several days.
I am tired and will be curling up in my nice warm bed away from the evil wind outside soon so I bid you farewell.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2 years ago....

Two years ago I posted this on Valentine's day.

Two years ago my divorce papers where actually filed at the court house. About a year ago the divorce was actually final.

I could really care less if it Valentine's Day this year. I am not saying I am thrilled with being single but I am OK with it.

I am getting on with new parts of my life and enjoying how I have been stretched by God in the process.

I know I have been scarce around here but I have other interests now and don't feel the need to vent as often as before.

I am amazed at the progress I have made...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fun with neighbors....

Well the snow hit with a resounding THUD outside in the yard! I measured around 5 inches I think but it was difficult to tell because it had blown around the yard quite a bit before I made it out with the snowblower.

The snowblower we have is a MONSTER! It is a 7.5 HP red beast that weighs at least 1000lbs! I am just happy that it has all the bells and whistles like the electric starter, self propelled with huge wheels to tear right through any mound ahead of me however...

My arms and legs are killing me today!

After a neighbor helped me with the electric starter (I didn't have a cord long enough) and had a good laugh at why we needed one this big I was on my way. It only took about 45 minutes to snow blow the driveway, sidewalks and a spot in the yard for my sis to park so the snowplows could go through without burying her car. I was exhausted!! I have to be careful in colder weather because it becomes more difficult for me to breathe and coldness ups my risk of blood clots for some reason. Sometimes I don't realize how limited I am by the APS until I go to do something everyone else can do and almost kill myself in the effort. It doesn't stop me from trying but I have to be very aware of my limits.

Are you ready for the funny part?

The garage is not attached to the house so therefore I took my keys out with me to unlock the garage to have access to the Monster.

No Problem!

When I was ready to come back in the house I went toward the door and out of habit reached in my pocket for my keys. Exhausted and out of breath I can't find them...hmmmm.

The house is unlocked but I know that the keys are outside somewhere. I go get the spare key to the garage and look but don't find them inside. I got the spare car key to check inside where I grabbed my gloves.


I begin to walk around where I have used the snowblower. Nope.

I begin to fear that they have fallen out and I have run over them sending them flying into the piles of snow I have made.

This is one of those times I am very thankful that I have BIG bright key chains on it!

Well they apparently they did go through the Monster of a snowblower as I eventually found them in the middle of the yard where I had not walked.

Another. 45. minutes. later.

I was afraid to pick them up and see what mangled mess would be left...

Amazingly there are only a few small scratches on the remote for the car and so far all of the keys I have tried work well.

Now today I need to tackle the car and getting that cleaned off....