Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'll be back soon....moving, packing and working are keeping me very very busy!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Happy Dance

The Happy Dance...

Things are looking up right now...

I passed my test this morning! I am now certified to not only serve food in any restaurant in this fair land of ours but also be the manager of any restaurant I want...well provided they would hire me LOL!

Kind of ironic that I went to college so that I could have the possibility of a career in a field that did not involve flipping burgers and now this new law tells me I have to know the information anyway.

It is official... I have signed the lease on the new apartment today! The "BIG MOVE" is scheduled for next Saturday. The good news is because of the last move and how it happened most of my things are already packed and still in the garage at this point. If you feel the need to help me out drop me an email and we can set things up :o)

Once I get the replacement hired for the teacher that I "let go" things should be smoother again at work. It amazes me that things are either really smooth or extremely rocky at work there is no middle ground.

While things are looking up for me, a friend of mine has just discovered her husband's adultery. If you think of it say a little prayer for her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


These last 2 1/2 weeks have been enough to make me want to start smoking again!

Here are the highlights (or lowlights depending on your perspective):

I have written up an employee...suspended her...and now at the request of my supervisors fired her because of her actions. Talk about a nice start to the day at 6:30 am!

I have come precariously close to losing a major funding source. I think I managed to pull that one out of the crapper in the nick of time.

I am in the midst of completing a 9 hour online training so that I can test out of it on Friday.

I informed my Mom today that an apartment has been chosen and the move in date is a week from Saturday! I am trying to talk her into selling me the washer and dryer from the current house to take with me but....

I have worked several 12 hour days (oh the joys of being on salary!), worked the last 3 Saturdays and one Sunday (for a few hours) and been told that I needed to put in more overtime to get things done.


The thing that bugs me about this is I could go to a Department store and make what I do now (if not more) and only work 40 hours a week. BUT this happens to be my passion and where God wants me right now.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This pretty well sums up my day.

Picture Day at work...

Trying to get that many children to smile...

Bullheaded, obstinate employee...

Board meetings...

Tuesday HAS TO BE better....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Floor Plans???

I have looked at so many floor plans that they are all starting to look alike. I actually filled out an application today. Of course after we went through all the items I required in an apartment and the price range I was looking to be inside of she informed me that they only had the more expensive model on the first floor. This would be one of my requirements...first floor. I hate moving chairs, beds and desks upstairs. Not to mention I will grasping for help because of the short notice I fear I will have to get out.

I have noticed that many floor plans for a one bedroom apartment are very very similar. There is not a great deal of different opportunities in how to arrange a layout but they are almost all carbon copies with different prices and locations. I will be making a decision soon...hopefully this week.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A few guilty pleasures

I have a few shows that I hate to miss the new episodes. I am a die hard Law and Order fan and Law and Order SVU as well. However I never really liked Criminal Intent or Trial by Jury for some reason. Maybe it was just me being too set in my ways and too fond of the styles of the originals.

I also am one of the last remaining "first season through the present" ER fans. I know none of the original cast members are left but I mean come on the show has been on for 12-13 seasons? Look at how many of these people have gone on to film careers, other shows or are just too stinking rich to have to work again. I think one of the reason I have held on so long is because of the cliffhangers from season to season.

I used to be absolutely addicted to the show Friends. Of course when I became a Christian I started to have serious issues with some of the shows but.... I held on until the last episode out of almost some sick obligation. One year I did have to tape the season finale and watch it several weeks later. It was the season that ended with the birth of Ross and Rachel's Baby. I had lost the second twin that week and had to have the D and C. I was not in the mood to see that show at that time.

I do happen to be a huge fan of the Biggest Loser. For some reason it inspires me to eat healthier and walk the stairs instead of riding the escalator.

I used to watch the Real World all the time on MTV. I even tried out once and got down to the last 100 people they were considering for the season. Nope never made it. The older I got the less interested I was in watching it.

Some of the older shows that used to hold my attention were Murphy Brown, Gilligan's Island and of course the Little Rascals. As a kid I remember acting out trying to get off the island with other children in the neighborhood. Of course this was in between Thundercats, Smurfs and Emergency show reenactments.

So what show did you watch?

Thoughts for today

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

The road to success is always under construction.

Gene Police: You!! Out Of The Pool!

Friday, September 14, 2007

The fun this week

Work was NOT fun this week! I had issues with employees. I had issues with funding sources. I had issues with my office.

I also am trying desperately to locate and lease an apartment within my price range. Mom and Beau have been here almost every day. I have managed to avoid them purely by coincidence. I have put in so many hours at work that by the time I get home at 7:00pm or later they are gone for the day.

In fact I will spend most of the day tomorrow at work as well trying to play catch up from being in a classroom. I had teachers suspended, sick AND in the hospital this week. I do have an appointment to look at an apartment at 4:00pm and then probably to the laundromat to do the daycare laundry for the week.

The sooner I can get out of this house and into my own apartment a lot of my stress will be gone. I need to feel independent again...that is something that Big Red took from me in the divorce.

Once I get past this month at work and get my staffing settled a bit it will be less stressful there as well. What with Picture Day coming up, a retirement of an employee and appointing a new Assistant Director all this month it is no wonder things are a little tense in the building...

I never did manage to get a motorcycle this summer. I seem to have run out of time as far as the weather is concerned.

As you see I played with the layout a bit. I am not done but I am growing tired so alas maybe I can get back to it this weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Actions have consequences...

Actions have consequences even if you apologize. An employee this week learned this the hard way where I work. Yes One4Jc is fairly laid back and easy going BUT I do have my limits. She is the first person to push me far enough for serious consequences. Being "written up" is not good but an actual unpaid suspension is a sure sign that you have pushed too far.

She is appealing the suspension but it doesn't look good for her. Several of my supervisors thought she should have been fired over the incident not just suspended.

My actions have consequences as well. I missed a deadline and I am paying the penalty for it. It is repairable but time consuming. I got too caught up in enrolling new students, staffing issues and other paper work and the deadline whooshed up on me today and the items are not ready. The kicker is that I got a letter of "recognition" of my mistake today...before the actual deadline had did my boss. Whoops.

The last actual day off I had was Labor Day...I have been working through the weekend to play catch up on all the things I have missed by being bogged down with other stuff like ...oh say....staffing classrooms. Looks like I will work through this weekend as well.

And my Mom wants me to get this apartment when???????

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The dreaded temper tantrum

I know you have all seen a temper tantrum...a fit, if you will.

Here are a few definitions:

a loss of mental balance or composure, esp. by an outburst of anger or irritation; a violent demonstration of rage or frustration;

a sudden burst of ill temper....
a display of bad temper; "he had a fit"; "she threw a tantrum"; "he made a scene"

Being in the business of daycare I have seen more than my fair share over the years.

I am sure you can visualize a child stomping feet, crying, yelling, shaking and maybe even throwing himself on the floor to spin, shake, spit and just generally writhe around on the floor.

Those I have seen...

I believe I witnessed my first adult temper tantrum this week...maybe we can call it a hissy fit.

When did it become acceptable to throw a fit at work?

I would post the details for the sake of venting but I wonder if she has discovered this blog somehow on the enormous web.

I am intimidated by her now. I never thought twice about it until this incident. She did not hurt me or threaten me but she approached me in an aggressive way that made me cringe on the inside. I don't think she will last much longer...if she even comes back...I don't know...

Just rambling I guess...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oh what a morning...

Not for the weak stomached...

Yesterday afternoon I was summoned across the street to gather up the littlest dog at my sister's humble household. She had a seizure and the little fellow wouldn't leave her alone.

So he awakened me nice and early this morning to go outside for his "daily business" as my grandma would have called it. Not a problem he went out...

I proceeded to check the email, get ready for church and dink around the house...well I dinked a little too long I guess.

I am walking through the living room to get my keys to take the lad back before church and I interrupted him "doing business" on the living room floor. I yelled his name and he stopped... tried to run away but dropped little presents across the living room during his great escape.

I guess once the process is started...

My lovely cat is following me down the hall as she isn't thrilled that we have a house guest. They get along but she doesn't like competing for my attention. I guess we have been alone together too long. When we have a guest human or animal she sticks really close. REALLY REALLY CLOSE. I tripped over her at least 6 times since he came to visit.

Back to the story...where was I? Dog running leaving a trail...oh yes!

As I yell his name I stop at the entrance of the living room and the smell hits me...then the smell hits the cat and the cat starts throwing up! I try to grab my cat and take her to a non carpeted place...but she runs.................... and continues to puke. In different spots down the hallway before I manage to pick her up.

Let's recap:
* Running late for church
* Dog poops
* One4jc yells
* Cat pukes

Any guesses???
I walked across the living room, grabbed my keys, grabbed the dog and took him home all the while praying that my Mom did not show up between now and when I got home from church.

So I went to church arriving only a few minutes late and came home to clean it all up after church.

Wow makes me wonder what this afternoon has in store...

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It never ceases to amaze me how deep and unconditional God's love is for me. It doesn't matter how much I screw up or how bad the mistake is that I make He forgives me and loves me. And trust me there have been some huge mistakes! There was a time that I was not even concerned about what God thought never mind trying to live for Him...I was living for myself or what ever guy happened to stick around long enough for a relationship.


When God brought me to my knees He did it with love. I had no where else to turn...Rock bottom is not comfortable...but when I looked up I saw Him waiting to pick me up.

Right now this is currently one of my favorite songs. I love the imagery that was placed with the song. Whether I knew it or not God was right beside me...and always will be...