Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few funny things

The economy isn't the best right now so this sign was seen posted in the break room at work.

On one hand I am glad it isn't as easy as a drive thru divorce but man some people can be just reduced to their lowest points during this process.

Moving day is fast approaching and we are getting more and more excited.
I am ready to put some space between us and the Ex's.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Where was I?

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I am not dead but if I was it would be nice to know that my car would be paid off.

So I have been very very busy with the things of life and did I mention I am buying a house? It is cute. Very Cute. Lots of character.... It has a tree house in the back for the squirrel and we will all have our own bedrooms! That hasn't been the case since September...needless to say we are all a little excited. Yes it needs a little work, painting the rooms, laying a kitchen floor, putting up handrails on the steps, but this is all stuff we can do with minimal amounts of help...unless you are volunteering :o)

I mentioned in the last post that Big Red has gotten married. I am not really upset about it but it isn't like I am going to invite them over for coffee. I do not want to see them together. I just want him to go away. Now that my name is FINALLY off everything we owned jointly I do not have any reason to ever see him again.


Things are looking up and I am excited!