Thursday, June 25, 2009

I guess I should feel sad?

Once upon a time I posted this little rant about Michael Jackson.
And now today I find out he has died.
I didn't like the guy. I thought he was a pervert and should have been listed on an offender registry.
On one hand my thought was, "Good he can't hurt any more little children!"
On the other hand the man changed music and dance forever by what he did in his professional life.
On the other hand (no one is counting them right?) I thought, "Dang Satan won another one!"
Now I do not profess to know what his faith was or even have any kind of knowledge about his relationship with God but looking at how he lived his life I would venture a guess that it was not a close intimate relationship.
This saddens me. Not because of who he is but because of the awesomeness Michael missed out on in a relationship with God.
Not to forget that Ed McMahon passed away this week and Farrah Faucett as well.
But because of the big wacky life Jackson lived those deaths are overshadowed by the rehashing of the molestation trials, the payoffs and the oddities of his life.
Nonetheless he had lupus and that does hit a little too close to home for me.

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