Saturday, July 06, 2013

New directions

I have been fully seeking God. I have been remodeling my house. I have awesome friends who love me no matter what. I haven't given much thought to Big Red in quite a while :)


I feel the pull as my 40th birthday has come and gone and I see no prospects for marriage in the near future. I have always had a heart for adoption and during this process of remodeling I have realized it is almost my form of nesting.

I know of several agencies in my local area who provide Foster and Adoption services. I don't expect that I will have a newborn in my care but I foresee a child coming to my home. I'm seeking God's will on who comes, when they come and trust that He will place the child that needs me in their life at the right time.

Just thinking outloud again....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Considering coming back again

I am considering making a come back but I want an outlet to truely be myself. I fear a few too many people know me personally and could potentially use this against me. Just thinking outloud I am guessing because I doubt anyone is still reading this.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE Check up

So I had my health insurance check up this past week...oh joy! The typical things like weight, cholesterol, glucose levels, tobacco use (or non-use in my case) and what I need to do to improve my health.

Hopefully this year I didn't scare them enough that they will assign me a "Health Coach" again this year.

The thing that cracks me up is that even after losing 100 pounds they still consider me to be "morbidly obese" by their little charts. Because I only have lost 12 pounds in the last year they are a little concerned. Here is the catch that same time frame I have lost 8 inches off my waist and brought down my BMI by 7 points. I point this out and they seem to be happier. I explain that I have been exercising more and that I am becoming more defined with muscles...

Oh! Yes they agree!

My thinking on this is:
  1. He is supposed to be the "Health Professional".
  2. He had the same numbers in front of him that I was looking at.
  3. He is a RN and I am a regular gal just trying to get healthier.

Why was I the one who pointed out these differences? He was the individual that is in charge of advising me about my health for the 20 minutes we are together and I was the one interpreting the numbers to him?!?

This may be part of the issue with the current health care crisis. Which is why I have always taken it upon myself to learn as much about my own health as possible.

Learn about any conditions you may have and take responsibility for your own health because you may be the only one paying attention.

I will get off my soapbox now...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back again...

So I have been writing a lot lately and I think I will be restarting this blog so that I can have a creative outlet.

Of course I am still choosing to be anonymous in my writings so this could get interesting.
I will soon, hopefully, be sharing stories of the wonderful group of women I have found myself in the midst of, sharing again my faith and telling you funny stories of singlehood...because yes I am still single...shocking I know :o)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Perfect People

This has been running through my head for several weeks now. As humans we are flawed, broken and not worthy of His grace and love...but He gives it anyway.

So we come bruised and battered to set at His feet.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I guess I should feel sad?

Once upon a time I posted this little rant about Michael Jackson.
And now today I find out he has died.
I didn't like the guy. I thought he was a pervert and should have been listed on an offender registry.
On one hand my thought was, "Good he can't hurt any more little children!"
On the other hand the man changed music and dance forever by what he did in his professional life.
On the other hand (no one is counting them right?) I thought, "Dang Satan won another one!"
Now I do not profess to know what his faith was or even have any kind of knowledge about his relationship with God but looking at how he lived his life I would venture a guess that it was not a close intimate relationship.
This saddens me. Not because of who he is but because of the awesomeness Michael missed out on in a relationship with God.
Not to forget that Ed McMahon passed away this week and Farrah Faucett as well.
But because of the big wacky life Jackson lived those deaths are overshadowed by the rehashing of the molestation trials, the payoffs and the oddities of his life.
Nonetheless he had lupus and that does hit a little too close to home for me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A new link that I like....

So I have a site that I am starting to really allows for being honest and completely unknown in frank discussions about God, Dreams and other women's issues as well.

Go check it out here.

I'll wait here while you go check it out and let me know your thoughts....